BBQs 2U – Ignite Your Pizza Passion with DeliVita

Are you a pizza fanatic seeking to enhance your outdoor cooking experience? Look no further than BBQs 2U, your one-stop for the finest outdoor cooking equipment and accessories.

In collaboration with DeliVita, the Abersoch showroom owners bring an exquisite range of wood and gas-fired DeliVita Pizza Ovens that will ignite your pizza passion.

BBQs 2U understand the joy of making delicious pizzas in your own backyard, so they became an authorized dealer of DeliVita.

It is a brand popular for its craftsmanship, quality, and commitment to outdoor cooking. The handcrafted ovens are inspired by traditional Roman style – a blend of timeless aesthetics and modern efficiency.

Beyond the charming design, Delvita ovens boast many features and benefits that can elevate your home pizzaiolo experience.

Fuel options

DeliVita doesn’t limit you to a single fuel source. They cater to diverse preferences with

three distinct options:


The oven is crafted from high-quality materials like cordierite stone and stainless steel. It reaches over 500°C and maintains heat for over 4 hours.

The temperature is suitable for delivering authentic wood-fired flavour to the pizza. The cooking surface fits a 12-inch pizza, whole sea bass, a joint of beef, and a leg of lamb, and you can even roast veggies.


Convenience seekers can rejoice! The DeliVita oven heats quickly and cooks pizzas in just 60 seconds, perfect for spontaneous gatherings. I

ts eco-friendly design uses less gas than traditional models, making it a responsible choice. On BBQs 2U, you can choose the DeliVita Diavolo Blue to enjoy pizzas with smokey flavour but with the convenience of gas. Besides, the price is comparatively low.

Versatile culinary partner 

While pizza takes centre stage, the high heat makes DeliVita ovens ideal for searing steaks, roasting vegetables, and baking rustic bread.

The versatility expands your outdoor cooking range, changing them into year-round culinary companions.

Sizzling Features 

DeliVita ovens boast thoughtful features that elevate the user experience:

  • Efficient insulation: Ensures rapid heat-up times and consistent temperatures, minimizing fuel consumption.
  • Portable designs: Many models are lightweight and have wheels, making them perfect for patios, campsites, or balconies.
  • Temperature gauges: Help you monitor heat accurately and achieve consistent results.
  • Pizza peels and accessories: Some models come with tools like peels and pizza stones, providing a complete pizza-making kit.

Tips to Ignite Your Pizza Prowess

  • Practice:If you are a beginner, choose the store-bought dough to start and experiment with different toppings. When you feel confident, start learning to make your own dough.
  • Manage the flame:Perfect pizza cooking needs consistent heat, so learn how to manage the fire or gas burner. In the start, you may burn a couple of pizzas but soon you will get an idea on how to control the interior temperature.
  • Don’t overcrowd: Too much topping weight can affect cooking time and crust crispness.
  • Preheat is key:Allow your oven to reach its desired temperature before introducing the pizza. This ensures a quick cook and a perfectly blistered crust.
  • Embrace experimentation:Be bold and try different flours, toppings, and cooking techniques. Each pie is a learning.

BBQs 2U’s commitment to customer satisfaction and DeliVita’s dedication to quality ensures you get the best of both worlds – a reliable supplier and a top-notch product.

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