The PermaTab Web Browser

lee1 writes: The UHI human interaction research group has been intensively studying a pervasive problem facing users of the web: the problem of tabs. How to organize them, preserve them, keep track of them. We have carefully considered the pros and cons of various approaches offered by different browsers, and by extensions: tab trees, second rows of tabs, vertical tabs, 3D tabs, musical tabs, you name it. None of them were good enough.Read more of this story at Slashdot.

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The PermaTab Web Browser

As much of you understand, here at UHI we have been dealing with a new, innovative internet browser for numerous years.

The UHI human interaction research team has actually been intensively researching a prevalent trouble facing customers of the internet: the trouble of tabs. How to arrange them, protect them, keep an eye on them. We have actually very carefully taken into consideration the pros and cons of numerous techniques used by different browsers, and by extensions: tab trees, second rows of tabs, vertical tabs, 3D tabs, musical tabs, you name it.

None of them sufficed.

Because they all share the same fatal flaw: they all permit the customer to close a tab, misplacing a page as well as the useful or humiliating details on it, perhaps permanently.

Sure, there is the internet browser background. Yet only the most sophisticated individuals also know that exists. We intended to produce a web browser for regular individuals with regular problems, not craft beer swilling Haskell developers. We wanted to develop an internet browser for you.

First off, the PermaTab Internet browser is based upon Blink, the same rendering engine that powers all the most effective web browsers, consisting of Google’s common Chrome. So the PermaTab Internet browser will work on any kind of web site, also those created by programmers who utilize all the most recent, non-standard attributes, and also recognize there is no factor to check their sites on lesser web browsers– since syndicates are much better than standards.

However the standout attribute of the PermaTab Internet browser is … and also maybe you have actually thought this already … that you can not close any tab. They are … long-term.

That’s right. This way, there is no threat of losing anything. The days of questioning where you saw that thing are gone. Whether it’s the Wikipedia page concerning team theory or the nine web pages concerning dealing with genital warts that a friend opened when he obtained your computer, they will certainly all be there, in your face, for life.

Here is a display shot from our customer screening laboratories, revealing the PermaTab Browser window after a couple of days of typical use. You can see that there is still a lot of room for web content.

Advanced tracking for your advantage surprised
We know what you’re believing. What happens if I change computer systems or running systems? Will all my tabs be gone? Just how, without a doubt, can the PermaTabs be long-term?

The service to this problem is our proudest accomplishment.

Clearly cookies were not mosting likely to cut it. Even the so-called super-cookies would not suffice. And customer accounts would certainly not function either: you could shed your account information, or, perhaps, suffer a psychological health and wellness problem that leads you to stand up to logging in to obtain your tab collection.

To fix this issue, UHI has actually created the brand-new technology of behavioral fingerprinting. Here’s just how it works: expect, after accumulating a beneficial collection of countless tabs, your computer system blows up and you get a brand-new one. All your cookies, every little thing: it’s all gone. You set up a fresh duplicate of the PermaTab Browser, or one of the many contending web browsers that will certainly have certified our PermaTab innovation. At first, you are starting fresh. Exactly how gloomy. Yet, after simply minutes, instantly all your old tabs re-emerge! How is this possible?

Expert system, that’s how. You can not hide who you are. Our massive computer systems keep a record of the behaviors of each customer: how you kind, how you relocate the computer mouse– your private rhythms– as well as what sites you see, how long you invest in specific web pages, how you scroll, your design for search questions … as well as even more. After, typically, less than a half hr of browser time, our algorithms will have determined you, as well as your whole collection of tabs– which we likewise store on our servers, of course– will certainly be recovered. Poof! You’re back in business, blemishes and all. You’re welcome!

Long-term Support sustained
What occurs when you lack room for tabs? Not a problem! We have actually partnered with a leading supplier of screen stands to develop an infinitely extensible, super-strong support that must last you a life time. When you need more area, simply include one more screen! You are only restricted by your ceiling elevation.

The PermaTab Monitor Stand will certainly be offered whatsoever decent office supply stores and from Amazon shortly after the public release of the PermaTab Web browser.

Just How Can this Miracle be Free? how indeed
The cost to you for the supreme browser innovation will certainly be zero bucks. How can we manage this? Well, exactly how can Google afford to take such good care of you without charging you a dime? We understand who you are. We have a permanent document of every site you have actually ever checked out. Use your imagination!

However that’s not all. We require to press every possible dollar out of our partnership with you, our product. That indicates marketing directly to you. However we understand how much you dislike creepy, noticeable advertising. That’s why, instead of putting unrefined banners across your favored websites, we subtly alter their message, rather, putting innocent yet successful messages where you would never ever anticipate them. And, best of all, we do this undetectably, without any intervention needed from you, for your ease.

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