6 steps to create an eye-catching event flyer

here’s no better way to promote your upcoming event than with colorful, eye-catching flyers. Event flyers are such an iconic event marketing method that some have even become collectible! If you want your posters to catch eyes and draw in more attendees, here are six steps to create your perfect event flyer.

Start with the right template

Every great piece of work needs to start with a solid foundation. And while you’re welcome to design your graphics from scratch, it saves a lot of time and effort starting with a template. Templates ensure you get professional-quality designs without needing professional design skills. Plus, you’re busy planning an event! Templates save lots of time.

Choosing the right template sets the tone for your entire marketing campaign. It’s important to choose one that fits the theme of your event and stays on brand with your business. Luckily, there are thousands of free flyer templates available from websites like PosterMyWall. And with the drag-and-drop editor, it has never been easier to design your perfect event posters.

Use only high-quality images

Part of the term “eye-catching” is that you fill your flyer with plenty of images. But fuzzy, low-quality photos you snapped on your phone aren’t going to cut it. Your flyer is a representation of your event; make it look good!

Upload a high-quality image or two to use in your flyer design. Take your time to edit your images to adjust light, color, contrast, and cropping and make them fit nicely into your overall design. The more amazing your images, the more eye-catching your flyer.

Include clear event details

Once you catch someone’s eye with your amazing graphics, you need to give them all the information they’ll need to attend your event. Make your information clear and concise.

Here are a few of the most important pieces of information to include in your event flyer:

  • Location
  • Date and time
  • Activities
  • Food
  • Entry fee (if applicable)
  • Organizer contact information and website

Many event organizers also like to include a QR code to their website on event flyers. That way if someone sees the flyer out in the wild, they can use the QR code to visit the organizer’s website right from their mobile device, making it easier to get even more answers about the event.

Add your branding elements

You want people to know who’s hosting such an amazing event. Remember to add some branding elements, like your company’s name, logo, or slogan. Don’t forget to include any partners you have for the event!

Just like with your images, make sure your branding elements are all high quality. You want people to see your company’s logo clearly, so make sure it’s not blurry or low resolution!

Make any final adjustments

Once you have all the elements in your flyer, it’s time to make your final adjustments. Using the PosterMyWall flyer editor, you can easily drag blocks around the page to reorganize and resize your elements to make them fit to your liking.

You can also play around with fonts and colors to find the perfect design combination for your event. This is a good time to ask your coworkers, friends, or family what they think about your designs. They might have an idea you didn’t think of to take your designs to the next level.

Download your completed flyer

With everything perfectly in place, the only thing left to do is download your completed event flyer!

Different platforms have different download preferences. For example, if you plan to print your flyer and hang it all over town, you’ll want to choose the highest resolution possible. However, if you want to upload your flyer to social media or your website, you’ll want to keep the file size relatively small for fast uploads and quick load times — but not at the expense of quality.

PosterMyWall makes it easy to choose the right file size and type. You can manually choose a resolution in the Download tab, or you can use the Publish feature to export your design specifically for a certain platform, like email, social media, or webpage.

Then all that’s left to do is plaster your flyer all over town, on your social media accounts, in your email newsletters, and your website. Show everyone your amazing design skills — and that you’re hosting an awesome event, of course.

Get more attention for your upcoming event

Event planning is fun and all, but it’s only worth it if people actually attend! And one of the best ways to get more people to come to your event is with eye-catching flyers.

It’s easy to build an eye-catching event flyer by choosing the right template, adding plenty of high-quality images, including all the most important information, adding your branding elements, and downloading your designs in the right format.

With a great flyer on your side, you’ll have a packed event in no time!

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